Pro staff

JR Cooper and his wife Cindy make a dynamic duo on the water.  JR has been a longtime guide in the Brainerd area and has won numerous tournaments. His knowledge of fishing is outstanding and he was recently inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame!

Cindy is also an accomplished angler and routinely puts trophy sized fish in the boat. Both JR and Cindy won the Minnesota Fishing Challenge Tournament in 2018 using Soturi products.

"Buntside Billy" Foy is a lifetime resident of Ely MN.  He has accumulated invaluable knowledge of the Boundary Waters area and is an expert at fishing for Lake Trout.

Justin Peterson has become a master when it comes to fishing for trophy sized walleye, pike and bass on a number of lakes near his home in Sturgeon Lake. 

Isaac Stoe just plain loves to fish for Walleye, regardless of the body of water.  He's spent time fishing all over the state from the Boundary Waters to the Mississippi River near Red Wing


Matt 'Jolly' Jollymore is walleye tournament angler we bumped into at the Minnesota Fishing Challenge in 2018. After introducing Matt to Soturi products, he quickly became 'hooked' (pun intended). 

Zach Wagner and Travis Krebill are both active duty members of the US Air Force.

Zach is a bass-catching machine and participates in a number of tournaments throughout North Dakota. Zach is also heavily involved in the non-profit group The Fallen Outdoors, which encourages military service members past and present to reconnect with the great outdoors through fishing and hunting excursions.

Travis is a gifted walleye angler who always catches impressive numbers and sizes of fish.  He also participates in a number of tournaments and actively supports activities and tournaments specifically for past and present military members.

Jim Olsson has a knack for finding big walleyes. Jim has been instrumental in providing suggestions and tactics for new Soturi products.

Billy Senkewicz is a demon when it comes to fishing Lake Michigan. The numbers and size of the fish he catches weekly are something to behold. Billy was a key factor in Soturi entering the Great Lakes tackle market and his suggestions have paid off in impressive catches. 

Mike "Crabby" Crabtree is from Southern Illinois but also spends large chunks of time in Northern Minnesota. Wherever he fishes, he puts big numbers on the board. From Stripers to Walleye to Pike, Mike is an all-around top-notch fisherman.

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