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photo of Co owner of Soturi Tackle with big walleye

We Are Soturi Tackle

Soturi is a innovative fishing tackle company founded in January 2018 by the father son team of Scott and Jon Boese. 

Our journey began a number of years ago when we routinely discussed ways to improve the fishing lures we were using.  In March 2018, we launched our Banshee Jig, which was a phenomenal success in targeting spring river walleyes.

It didn't take long before our other lures began having an impact. In June 2018, our Prowler crankbait was responsible for winning the Minnesota Fishing Challenge largest fish prize.

We pride ourselves not only on our unique colors and designs, but also for the high quality components like Mustad Triple Grip hooks found on most of our crankbaits.

If you're looking to catch more and larger fish, we hope you give Soturi a try!

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